Uncommon Programs
Uncommon Programs creates and presents a variety of creative, timely and interactive programs for college students. We build community. We tear down barriers. We stand up for change. We empower. We educate. And we do it all in the most uncommon, unexpected ways.

If you work with college students you understand the immeasurable potential they hold in their idealistic, irreverent, passionate hands. Our job is to help them harness their powers for good and not for evil. Our pain is watching them struggle, and our joy is hearing them find their voice. I believe in their potential, and I create experiences that will help them believe in themselves.

I have more than a decade of experience teaching college leaders to strive and grow and challenge themselves. I've worked at prestigious colleges and homeless centers. All people share the same dream: to make an impact, to be heard, to matter. I'm ready to help your students do just that.

Carrie Zimmerman
Facilitator, Presenter, Dreamer

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